3D Scanners

3D scanning takes the next step with the SHINING 3D range of 3D scanners, which offer high-quality data capture with a low cost of ownership. With innovative software bundles too, the SHINING 3D range provides an easy route into reverse engineering and additive manufacturing applications.

3D scanners digitise real-world 3D objects and create virtual 3D files for a range of applications and industries. They are essential for reverse engineering, product design, digital capture and much more. Digitising is used in a range of industries including industrial design, aerospace, healthcare and education.

As technology advances, professional standard 3D scanning is becoming available to a growing number of users. Technology which was only available in high-end professional 3D scanners only a few years ago is now easily accessible by entry-level users for general-purpose modelling and education. So more and more people are now discovering that digitising technology can add value to their business.

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