Onyx PosterShop - Demo Licence

PosterShop - Demo Licence from Art Systems

ONYX PosterShop Version 12 is a wide format RIP software package that enables shops to unify their print production process on more than one deveice and provides the tools to mainain consistent output quality. Print service providers will be able toprepare jobs for print quickly and find it easy to automate repetitive tasks resulting in sellable prints faster. This version is for demonstration purposes only and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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Retail Price
£756.00 including VAT

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What's in the box:
Photographic/Print for Pay/Graphic Design/Retail/Fine Art/Education
Width / Size / Capacity:
Ink Compatibility:
PC Compatible
Machine Compatibility:
PC Compatible, PosterSHOP XT
Packaging Dimensions:
90mm x 200mm x 240mm
2 kilos

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