Canon Mirage Master Edition

Mirage Master Edition from Art Systems

Mirage is the most advanced professional print plug-in for a range of applications including Adobe Photoshop Illustrator and InDesign. Designed to allow users to work faster and more efficiently. Mirage is perfect for for theproduction of photography and fine art and fore print service providers offering the highest print quality available in one simple fast value solution.

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£840.24 including VAT

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What's in the box:
Packaging/Software/Manuals/Licence Key
Photographic/Print for Pay/Graphic Design/Retail/Fine Art/Education/Textiles
Width / Size / Capacity:
Ink Compatibility:
PC Compatible
Machine Compatibility:
ImagePROGRAF iPF510, ImagePROGRAF iPF5100, ImagePROGRAF iPF605, ImagePROGRAF iPF610, ImagePROGRAF iPF6300, ImagePROGRAF iPF6300S, ImagePROGRAF IPF6350, ImagePROGRAF IPF6400, ImagePROGRAF IPF6400S, ImagePROGRAF IPF6450, ImagePROGRAF IPF650, ImagePROGRAF iPF655, ImagePROGRAF iPF670, ImagePROGRAF iPF680, ImagePROGRAF iPF685, ImagePROGRAF iPF750, ImagePROGRAF iPF755, ImagePROGRAF iPF760, ImagePROGRAF iPF765, ImagePROGRAF iPF770, ImagePROGRAF iPF780, ImagePROGRAF iPF785, ImagePROGRAF iPF815, ImagePROGRAF iPF825, ImagePROGRAF iPF830, ImagePROGRAF iPF8300, ImagePROGRAF iPF8300S, ImagePROGRAF iPF840, ImagePROGRAF iPF8400, ImagePROGRAF iPF8400S, ImagePROGRAF iPF850, ImagePROGRAF iPF9400, ImagePROGRAF iPF9400S, Mirage Master Edition, PC Compatible
Packaging Dimensions:
90mm x 200mm x 240mm
1 kilos

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