Neschen Filmolux Easy Clear Sand - 36in

914mm x 50m - 80mic

Filmolux Easy Clear Sand - 36in from Art Systems

An 80 micron soft PVC laminate film with a fine sand texture and is considered our most ecomonic all round laminate products. Recommended for indoor use and short term outdoor use the Filolux Easy Clear Sand has great scratch resistance and is idealfor use with floor graphics and pop up panels alike and is fire certified to M1 standards.

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What's in the box:
Lamination Film
Retail & Signage/Outdoor/Photographic/Fine Art/Outdoor/Retail & Signage
Width / Size / Capacity:
Ink Compatibility:
Cold Lamination Film
Machine Compatibility:
Cold Laminator
Packaging Dimensions:
940mm x 150mm x 150mm
19.4 kilos
This lamination film will be fit for purpose and free of manufacturing defects 90 days from date of purchase.

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