HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner - 44in

654 A1 colour documents per hour at 200dpi

Designjet SD Pro Scanner - 44in from Art Systems

Capture documents quickly and in detail with this high-productivity scanner. Work more efficiently using the large touchscreen save documents to many file formats including multi-page PDFs and integrate seamlessly with HP Designjet printers.

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£8,760.00 including VAT

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What's in the box:
Designjet SD Pro Scanner/Floor Stand/Touchscreen PC/Software/Calibration Sheet/Network Card/Network Cable/Power Cable
Width / Size / Capacity:
Ink Compatibility:
1200dpi Optical, CIS Scanning Techology, Colour Scanning Technology, Monochrome Scanning Technology
Machine Compatibility:
Designjet 1000 / 1050 / 1055, Designjet 4000, Designjet 4500 / 4520, Designjet 500, Designjet 510, Designjet SD Pro Scanner, Designjet T1100, Designjet T1120, Designjet T1200, Designjet T1300, Designjet T1500, Designjet T1530, Designjet T2300eMFP, Designjet T2500eMFP, Designjet T3500eMFP, Designjet T520, Designjet T610, Designjet T620, Designjet T7100, Designjet T7200, Designjet T770, Designjet T790, Designjet T795, Designjet T920, Designjet T930, Designjet Z3100, Designjet Z3200, Designjet Z5200, Designjet Z5400, Designjet Z5600, Designjet Z6100, Designjet Z6200, Designjet Z6600, Designjet Z6800
Packaging Dimensions:
1500mm x 680mm x 710mm
85 kilos
1 Year ND OS Warranty

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