The Summa of Love
£1000 to £1250 off

People who use Summa cutters are passionate about them and we're going to reward that passion!

For the first time Summa, in conjunction with Art Systems are rewarding Summa’s loyal customers with up to £1250 off a new Summa S2 T1x0 Tangential Cutter. This True-Tangential technology has redefined the market of Roll-Fed cutters, offering increased precision, speed and durability, giving Summa’s customers another long-lasting cutting solution.

Our Summa of Love loyalty bonus values are:

£1000 to £1250 off

Here’s how the Summa of Love Works

Check that you have one of the qualifying Summa cutters from the list below:

SummaPaint: PC1500CC
SummaPaint: PC1500
SummaPaint: PC1500X
SummaSign (Pro (SL)): D750 – T750
SummaCut: D500
SummaCut: D15
SummaSign Pro: DuraSign D140; DuraSign T140
SummaCut D520
SummaPaint: PC1500LM
SummaCut: D620
SummaCut SE: D60, D60/U (no OPOS)
Summagraphics: T1000
SummaSign: T1010Plus

SummaSIgn (Pro): D610; T610
SummaCut: D760
SummaCut SE: D140SE
SummaSign (Pro): D1300, T1300
SummaSign (Pro (SL)): D1400, T1400, D140, T140
SummaSign (ProSL)): D1010; T1010; T1010A; T1010 A-L
SummaCut: D1020
SummaCut SE: D120 (no Opos) – D120 SE
SummaCut: D1220
SummaCut SE: D160SE

If you have one of the qualifying models, then fill in the form below and we’ll check your serial number and confirm that it qualifies for the Summa of Love bonus values.

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