ArtSystems highly experienced network of engineers across the UK and Ireland offer a broad range of repair services to ensure you get the most out of your Summa equipment and in the eventuality of a break down ensures a quick and efficient repair.


Summa support services from ArtSystems

We are fully authorised by Summa to deliver, install, train, service and repair all Summa vinyl cutters, thermal resin print and cut devices and flatbed finishing machines sold in the UK. No one else is able to offer this range of authorised services in the UK.

We are proud to say that we have exclusively looked after Summa warranties on their behalf since 1998.

Summa Trained Service Engineers

All of our service engineers are fully trained and certified by Summa, with regular direct updates when new products or technologies are introduced. Choosing authorised engineers means you receive the very best level of expertise for your machine to keep production downtime to a minimum.

Compare the facts

What do you get? Summa Backed ArtSystems Service Contract Non-authorised Service Company Insurance Policy
Full Parts & Labour Cover Yes Yes Yes
with excess
Summa SLA Agreement on Parts Yes No No
1 hour call back from Summa Qualified Engineer Yes No No
Next Day Site Visit Yes Yes No
Use of Summa Qualified Engineers Guaranteed Yes No No
Use of Genuine Summa Parts Guaranteed Yes No No
Support escalation process (if required) Yes No No
ISO 14001 & 9001 Service Company Yes No No

What Summa cutters, printers and finishing machines do we support?

F Series DC5 DC5sx DC4 DC4sx DC3 S Class 2 T
F Series DC5 DC5sx DC4 DC4sx DC3 S Class 2 T Series
S Class 2 D S Class T S Class D S Class OPOS SummaCut SummaCut D60 SummaCut D60fx
S Class 2 D Series S Class D Series S Class T Series S Class OPOS CAM SummaCut Series SummaCut D60 SummaCut D60FX
Summa Genuine Parts

Summa Genuine Parts

We hold the majority of spare parts in our UK warehouse for next day delivery, but for those parts that elude us, we have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Summa enabling us to get the highest priority of delivery.

Time and material repairs

We offer a range of service contract options tailored to your business however, some people choose not to go down this route.

ArtSystems offer a range of time and materials contracts for Summa Equipment that is not linked to any contract. This options still offers you access to genuine manufacturer trained service engineers and parts.

Are there any differences between Time and Materials Service to Standard Contract Service

The time and materials option do have a few drawbacks that maybe worth considering, the main one being that without any Service Level Agreement (SLAs) with Summa, if we do not have stock, you could be waiting longer for parts.

Contract customers also receive priority over time and materials service engineers, this means if we need to re-direct an engineer from a time and materials booking for a contract customer at any time, we are obliged to do this.

Waiting for parts or an engineer means deadlines could be missed due to extended production down-time which can be negated by a full service contract.

ISO 9001 & ISO 1400 Certification

ISO Certified Technical Operations

All of our technical operations are accredited to ISO 9001 quality management standards to ensure excellent service and trouble-free repair that meets and exceed your expectations.

Flexible payment options

Flexible Payment Options

As well as tailoring our service contracts to fit the needs of your specific products and business types we offer a range of payment terms tailored to your business needs. To find out more call one of our service team representatives on 0115 9380 380.