This award-winning solution effortlessly produces a wide variety of innovative signage, display, sample and packaging applications and much more.

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Summa Professional Flatbed Finishing System

This award-winning solution effortlessly produces a wide variety of innovative signage, display, sample and packaging applications and much more. Supported by an ever-increasing range of flexible tools and optional add-ons, this is the proven and affordable breakthrough cutting system your business has been waiting for. Moreover, every new feature set out on these pages is backwards-compatible with every F Series ever built of that model – extra value is constantly added to your investment over your period of ownership.


Revolutionise your print workflow with the Summa F Series

The Summa F series is the result of over 30 years’ experience and technological expertise gained from designing and manufacturing the world's finest cutting devices. These advanced flatbed cutting tables stand alone in the market having been designed from the ground up to tackle the challenges of the Sign and Display industry rather than as a packaging machine altered to fit requirements like so many others. Although the F Series range can excel in many industries, if you work in Sign and Display then the F Series is your bespoke finishing solution.

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Roll and Sheet Capability

Roll finishing is designed into this range from the beginning. Sheet handling is fast, automated and efficient as you would expect from one of the world’s leading print-finishing brands yet roll work is not an after-thought or an add-on. It is intrinsic to the design and operates reliably with Summa’s legendary accuracy. The larger cutters have dual roll support for even more productivity.

High Frequency Router

A powerful high speed balanced router for high productivity routing applications and ultra-smooth finishing of acrylic when used with a diamond bit. Quick, tool-free pneumatic bit change for easy operation and dependable results.

Textile Finishing

Rotary module containing a powered decagonal blade with minimal horizontal force ensuring no textile movement for excellent accuracy. Compressed air jet removes dust from the knife automatically to keep each cut clean and straight.

Automatic Poster Workflow

No need for any cut files – just put a black border around your posters in the rip / application, lay the roll of printed posters on the bed and start cutting. The cutter will automatically find and cut all the posters on the roll without any intervention – simple!

Tandem Mode

On the larger cutters, the bed can be split into two areas – one active for cutting and the other safe for placing or collecting jobs. This way there is no down time whilst a finished job is collected or a new one loaded – the F Series moves finished work into the safe area and then continues with the next batch for a productive, efficient workflow.

Barcode Workflow

Using the camera on the cutter head, the F Series will automatically read the barcode generated in the rip, find the correct job, cut the job and then move the media along to find the next barcode – all without user intervention. Thus, you have an easy-to-use automated workflow for high productivity.

Twin Workflow

Summa is uniquely able to mesh both its roll and flatbed cutters into a single workflow. Only with Summa can you take a job after it is printed and then decide at this late stage which cutter you want to use – an F Series flatbed or an OPOS CAM S-class roll cutter…or both by kiss cutting on the S-class and cut-through on the F Series flatbed – a unique workflow with Summa.

Continuous Sheet Feed

This workflow increases productivity by over 30% compared to traditional flatbed devices. As the name suggests, with the F1612 you are able to continuously feed sheets in and collect from the other end of the cutter whilst the machine continues to work. No idle time means you can use the F1612 to its maximum efficiency. This mode requires the use of input and output extension tables.

Automatic Depth Control & Automatic Knife Calibration

The automated depth control (ADC) is included with every F Series. An expensive option on most other tables, the Summa ADC simplifies tool, knife or bit changes significantly by using a laser to set the depth for maximum safety and efficiency. In addition – and uniquely to Summa - the ADC also calibrates the knife blades too ensuring they are straight and true in seconds with no user intervention. All competitive cutters ask the operator to manually calibrate the blade which takes time and is open to operator error.

Table Mapping

On install, the F Series creates a detailed high-resolution map of the microscopic undulations of the bed. Although these are invisible to the naked eye, any undulations may make kiss cutting unreliable, so Summa can take this into account during cutting. Many competitive devices originated in the packaging industry and thus lack this fine tuning, suffering kiss-cutting inaccuracies.

Picador PLM Packlibrary

Included with every F Series is a full library of resizable standard packaging models using the FEFCO and ECMA standards as well as P.O.S display designs and even solid cardboard (furniture) designs. The designs are parametric so that changes you make are automatically compensated in the design before they are exported into Illustrator to have the graphics applied and sent to the rip.

SummaFlex Pro 2

High-end production software to receive work from the rip and send to the cutter. This new incarnation of the software provides a revolution in operator-friendly cutting. Users of competitive cutters will understand just how manual and complex this part of the workflow is and how long it takes to train an operator. However, with Summa, you just select the application you want to do…and all the correct settings are already selected for you using the new Materials Database. Anyone in the printshop will be able to cut safely with the correct settings with minimal training.

What Summa F Series users are saying:

“The variety of substrates the F1612 can cut, combined with its ease of use, robustness and reliability make it an absolute winner and a real asset to our machine arsenal. Having used the F1612 for a while now makes us wonder why we haven’t purchased it sooner!”

Steve Levin, Chief Operating Officer, Prodigi Group (

Models F1612 Logo F1330 Logo F1832 Logo F2630 Logo
Cutting Area 160 cm (63 in.) wide x 120 cm (47 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 129 cm (51 in.) wide x 305 cm (120 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 185 cm (72 in.) wide x 320 cm (126 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 265 cm (104 in.) wide x 305 cm (120 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel
Media Width Up to 165 cm (65 in.) Up to 134 cm (53 in.) Up to 190 cm (75 in.) Up to 270 cm (106.3 in.)
Multi Panel* 5000 cm (1968 in.) *Media clamps and roll-feed and/or conveyor belt system are required
Repeatability Within ± 0.05 mm on plots
Accuracy 0.05 % of move or 0.05 mm, whichever is greater
Speed Up to 1000 mm/sec (39.4 in./sec)
Acceleration Up to 1 G
Clearance* 5 cm (2 in.) *Distance between vacuum table and Y-beam. Not taking into account the thickness of a cutting mat or conveyor belt
Maximum Allowed Forces Vertical: 200 Newton, Horizontal: 200 Newton
Maximum Table Load 50 kg/m² (10.2 lb/ft²)
Connectivity USB
Power Requirements 3 Phase 208V+N or 3 Phase 230V or 3 Phase 400V+N
Dimensions 236 x 214 x 110 cm (92 x 76 x 43 in.) 214 x 410 x 122 cm (84 x 161 x 48 in.) 270 x 425 x 122 cm (106 x 167 x 48 in.) 349 x 410 x 122 cm (137 x 161 x 48 in.)
weight 500 kg (1100 lbs) 1500 kg (3300 lbs) 1680 kg (3700 lbs) 1800 kg (3970 lbs)
Operating Temperature 15˚ to 35˚C (59˚ to 95˚F)
Standard Accessories Drag Module, Conveyor System, Roll-Feed System, Safety Beam System, Pneumatic Pack, wireless controller w/ charger, standard 36˚ blade holder, 1 standard blade, 1 fiber-tip pen, hex screwdriver (4mm), hex screwdriver (2.5mm), USB cable (3 meter), USB extension cable (0.5 meter), media guide flanges (set of 2), CD w/ manuals and drivers, SummaFlex Pro, Automatic Depth Control (Right).
Optional Accessories Tangential Module, F Series Routing System, HF Routing System, Electronic Oscillating Tool, Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, Kiss Cutting Tool, Single Edge Cutout Tool, Double Edge Cutout Tool, Heavy Duty Cutout Tool, Creasing Tools, V-Cut Tools, production software; Automated Depth Control left (Upgrade Kit), basket (F1612), extension tables (F1612), Rotary Module.