Robust and reliable vertical cutting

The Keencut SteelTrak manual cutter delivers a smooth cut through complex ridged and semi-ridged materials.

Keencut SteelTraK Cutter

Designed for the modern sign-maker

The SteelTrak vertical cutter makes quick work of heavy-duty materials and delivers reliable results across a range of media from PVC foam board to SCP (steel composite panel). This market-leading cutter is a staple in the print finishing process of wide-format print and sign-making applications. A selection of handy accessories are available, and the new C2 composite cutting head now comes with the cutter as standard.

New C2 composite cutting head

The market-leading SteelTraK cutter now features an improved C2 composite cutting head, designed to reduce curve when cutting SCP (steel composite panel). This cutting head produces a clean cut every time, with no sparks, no dust, and no need for any extra finishing.

Easily selectable four tool cutting head

Cutting Versatility

Easily selectable four tool cutting head allows you to choose from four turn and lock ready mounted tools for instant cutting action with auto blade disengagement at the end of the cut.

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State of the Art Counterbalance

The rear spine of the SteelTraK is fitted with a counterbalance that allows users to put the head in any position without it dropping to the bottom of the machine.

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Ultra Precise Cuts

Full-length, extra-grip clamping system secures materials, and a transparent cutline cursor creates ultra precise cuts with no laser shake and no wasted panels.

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Extra grip clamping system

Years of trouble free life

Pre-lubricated ball bearings glide along two steel tracks, resulting in precision cuts, low friction and years of trouble-free life with no adjustments..

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Low friction steel tracks

Essential for high-volume production units

Developed specifically for the tougher and thicker rigid and semi-rigid substrates used in today's sign-making market, the heavy-duty SteelTraK handles oversized materials with ease. With a cut length option of 65", 82" or 98", it is the longest, most accurate and easy-to-use manual vertical cutter available.

The SteelTraK casts no debris, which means it can be positioned right next to your printing machines without fear of airborne dust damaging your work or resulting in do-overs. Built into your production line (wall-mounted to save space, or using an optional freestanding kit), the SteelTrak guarantees time and money savings.

The SteelTraK has a counterbalance that allows users to put the head in any position without it dropping to the bottom of the machine. The cumbersome process involved with other vertical cutters - lifting the head, applying the brake, and screwing it in place while simultaneously loading the material - is eliminated. The counterbalance eliminates the load from the cutting head, and because operators are not lifting the full weight of the head, they can concentrate solely on cutting the material. The result: time savings and productivity gains. Learn more Downlaod Data Sheet

What customers are saying

"The addition of Keencut products to our one-stop digital and screen printing shop has made a huge impact. The SteelTraK is easy-to-use and cuts signs perfectly every time. Its wall-mounted option saves us space as well. We started with an Excalibur, later adding the SteelTraK to our production line, making us that much more efficient."

Johnathan Bauer, Digital Screen and Production Manager, Voss Signs.

SteelTraK Cutting Capability

Cast Acylic / Plexiglass (Score) - 6mm Cuts as standard
Cast Acylic / Plexiglass (Score) - 3mm Cuts as standard
Aluminium Sheet - 1mm Optional accessory available for this application
Aluminium Composite - 4mm Cuts as standard
Steel composite - 4mm Cuts as standard
MDF - 3mm Cuts as standard
Glass - 3.5mm Optional accessory available for this application
Cardboard - 13mm Cuts as standard
Conservation Board - 3.5mm Cuts as standard
Corrugated Plastic - 13mm Cuts as standard
Foam Centered Board - 13mm Cuts as standard
Expanded Polystyrene - 13mm Cuts as standard
PVC Foamboard (Forex) - 13mm Cuts as standard
Magnetic Sheet - 1mm Cuts as standard
PETG - 3mm Cuts as standard
Cuts as standard - Cuts as standard
Optional accessory available for this application - Optional accessory available for this application
Possible but not primary use - Possible but not primary use