NEW - Neschen Easy Dot for Water Based Inks!

Print Clean – Go Green with Neschen Easy Dot eco-friendly PP matt WB


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Print Clean - Go Green

Neschen has expanded its Easy Dot range with new environmentally friendly products. Leading with the Neschen Easy Dot matt WB the first Easy Dot family member designed to work with water-based inks! This Easy Dot offers all the award-winning features of Easy Dot to all water-based inkjet printers.

New Water-Based and UVPrint Easy Dot

The new Easy Dot PP matt WB is suitable for water-based inks with inkjet printers including HP Pagewide, HP Designjet, Epson SCP2000 and Roland 640 deco. There is also a version of the Easy Dot PP matt WB specifically for HP Indigo users this comes in both sheet and roll-fed versions. Neschen's green portfolio also welcomes UVPrint PP Easy Dot for UV-curable inkjet printers with matt and transparent options

Easy Apply Water Based Eco Friendly Dot Adhesive

PVC-Free Easy Dot

All the new PVC-free products maintain the high-quality and easy application expected from the Easy Dot range, but now with reduced waste and an overall lower impact on the environment. They all incorporate an eco-friendly PP (polypropylene) film it has a homogeneous surface, and the rigid film uses 10 per cent less material than alternative PVC products, significantly reducing waste.

The Easy Dot PVC-free range meet the key requirements customers expect including, fire-retardancy, non-slip ratings, and now, low overall environmental impact. The new Easy Dot makes a forward-thinking addition to your media portfolio for 2021 and grows Neschens extensive Pro Nature range.

Order a sample and see yourself that there is no loss of quality or usability with the green range.

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Eco-Friendly Easy Dot

The easy dot range is renowned for its ease of use, and the new PP film Easy Dot makes no exception. These product features the same innovative dot adhesive which allows easy bubble-free application and quick residue-free removal. Easy Dot media is best suited to short-term displays and promotional marketing.

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The comprehensive workflow solution for large format production

  • PVC and solvent-free manufacturing
  • Bubble-free application with dot adhesive
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fast and easy install

 UV Print

  • New UV Print Easy Dot PP Matt
  • New UV Print Easy Dot PP Transparent
  • Suitable for UV-curable inks, UV-gel, and screen printing


  • New Easy Dot PP matt WB
  • For Inkjet printers including HP Pagewide and HP Indigo