Summa F Series

The Summa F-series range is known for its efficiency and safety. These flatbed cutters have a range of applications including, signage, displays, samples, packaging, and more. For precise cutting, finishing sheets, rigid materials, and roll stock F-Series is the best option for usability and performance.

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Summa F-series flatbed cutters are regularly upgraded with both hardware and software updates to future-proof the machines and ensure they remain the best option for your customers. With more than three decades of experience manufacturing the highest quality plotters, Summa continues to innovate and improve the F-Series and add to the selection of tools and add-ons available.

F-Series Size Guide

Summa F-Series Enhancements

  • Improved Safety System
  • ADC left now also standard on all F-Series models
  • Updated GoProduce Software, including new functionalities
  • Adjusted router & gantry system
Goproduce 2.0

The F-Series F1432

A new addition to the F-series, the F1432 is designed with enhanced usability, featuring new levels of automation and an improved safety system. It replaces the F1330 with an improved size to provide the ideal working area to process the popular 137cm / 54” roll width and a spacious working length for cutting 3m/10ft jobs. For many businesses, this size represents the ideal interim solution between the F1612 and F1832 models.

Improved Safety System

Further improvements to the safety system create a safer working environment for the user and a more seamless process. Summa ensures a precise measure of the safety zones with integrated sensors to allow the user to move around the cutter whilst ensuring their safety. This method is more accessible as the safety poles are no longer needed and now comes as standard with all F-series flatbed cutters.

  • No safety poles
  • Safer user experience
  • Safety zones measured with integrated sensors

ADC Left

ADC (Automated Depth Control) left has proved itself as a practical feature and adds to the user-friendliness of Summa cutters.

ADC left has now been rolled out across all models of the F-series line to complement ADC right.

Summas ADC sets the knife depth and orientation to perform the desired cut with reliable accuracy. Forget about manual labour and hundreds of tests, ADC leverages automation and makes the operator's job easier.

Depth control is automatically set at the same spot every time, and calibration happens automatically each time you switch your tool.

  • Improved user-friendliness
  • Quick and easy tool changes save time between jobs
  • Reliable and accurate cutting


Working speed is an essential element of an efficient production process. The F-series is manufactured with productivity in mind, with quick head movement, minimised downtime, and reduced operator time. Automated barcode workflows improve efficiency by opening and processing jobs automatically with accurate cutting. Barcode workflows can repeat processes automatically once complete, freeing up time for the operator. Ease of use is a key productivity-enhancing feature for all Summa machines, and smooth job processing equals less downtime and reduces the chance of human error.

GoProduce 2.0

GoProduce software navigates jobs with ease and efficiency it features a user-friendly interface that makes automated cutting options easily accessible. The software will now help you select the best tool for your current project. Set GoProduce up to know your tools, and it will pick the best tool for your chosen media. New GoProduce 2.0 is available with all F-series models and includes a range of handy features including, material manager, customer configuration of action sets, cut-off between jobs, and much more. Or upgrade to the ProPack for barcode functionality, import plot files, and hot folder support.


The machines have a wide range of specialised tools available, three of which can be inserted at once into the multi-module tool holder. Changing your tools is quick and easy due to an innovative single screw fastening system. Automatic tool recognition, combined with a digital and mechanical depth and pressure control, ensures precision cutting on a wide range of materials.

What ArtSystems are saying

‘We wanted to demonstrate not just the wide range of applications that the F Series can handle but also at the same time reinforce the Summa reputation for excellent manufacturing quality. The fact that we ran the F Series totally trouble-free for 24 hours straight we think proves that.’

Andrew Edwards, Sign & Display Divisional Manager