New Keencut Product Upgrades

SteelTrak C2 Cutting Head and Evo3 QuikSwap Rocker Head

Always evolving to stay one step ahead of the competition and deliver important iterations for your customers, these new Keencut product updates improve usability and unlock new applications.

C2 Cutting Head for The SteelTrak Vertical Cutter

The new C2 cutting head is another enhancement to the market-leading SteelTrak vertical cutter. This cutter is engineered to slice steel composite panel (SCP), aluminium composite panel, and other tough materials with a single clean-cut. It will leave a smooth edge and will not require any extra finishing. 2mm curves in SCP will cause problems when using a flatbed printer. The new larger head is designed with tight flatness tolerance which significantly reduces curves in the material when working with SCP. Extra head size allows the operator to glide through the cut in one smooth movement and eliminates dust and sparks when dealing with SCP, ensuring a safer and more efficient user experience.

QuickSwap Rocker Head for The Evolution3 Cutter

The medium-duty rocker head is the latest QuikSwap tool for the Evolution3. It provides two-way cutting for dealing with different jobs, pull for cutting lighter materials, and push to cut through tougher materials. This rocker head is a general-purpose cutter for materials such as banners, cardboard and 10mm foamboard. Ergonomically designed, the cutter head fits the natural shape of the operator's hand, a key feature for all-day users. The rocker head facilitates a wide range of blades, including economical options, which allows you to preserve specialist blades. This rocker head is capable of cutting ACP alongside the strong stainless steel track and a Tech D 012 blade.