New SHINING 3D and Verisurf Software Bundles for Reverse Engineering and Inspection

Verisurf and SHINING 3D have collaborated to create bundles and take reverse engineering and inspection to the next level.

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Verisurf software and the Shining 3D EinScan HX have been packaged together for users to unlock innovation with the blue laser, LED light and advanced inspection and reverse engineering software. Verisurf is a model-based 3D measurement platform for manufacturing inspection, tool building and reverse engineering. The open platform and enterprise-wide interoperability allow users to complete any measurement and extensive reverse engineering task in the respective software solution. Being an open platform for CMM and 3D scanning solution simultaneously, Verisurf enables users from a broad range of contexts to precisely manufacture answers to evolving requirements. With the fusion of the capacities of both the EinScan HX hybrid light laser and LED 3D scanner and the powerfully tailored software bundles by Verisurf you can now explore unprecedented accuracy and efficiency to meet the needs of demanding projects.

What is Verisurf?

- Model-based inspection & measurement software
- Designed for analysing scan and measurement data
- Verisurf software now available alongside the Einscan HX scanner
- Einscan HX and SHINING bundles offer superior ease of use and accuracy at a highly competitive price tag

shining verisurf bundles
shining verisurf bundles

High Functionality Geomagic Bundles

Geomagic bundles include the HX scanner and existing software including Solid Edge Shining 3D, Geomagic Essentials and Control X Essentials.
1- Einscan HX Reverse Engineering Bundle - Solid Edge Shining 3D & Geomagic essentials (RRP £11,111.11)
2- Einscan HX Inspect Bundle – Solid Edge Shining 3D, Geomagic essentials & Control X Essentials (RRP £15,739.81)

High Functionality Verisurf Bundles

High functionality bundles also contain the Einscan HX scanner and Solid Edge Shining 3D but now with new upgraded Verisurf software for reverse engineering and inspection.
1- Einscan HX Reverse Suite – Solid Edge Shining 3D & Verisurf Reverse Engineering. The focus of this bundle is the EinScan HX scanner. (RRP £16,665.75)
2- Einscan HX Inspect Suite – Solid Edge Shining 3D & Verisurf Inspect. (RRP £15,184.26)
3- Einscan HX Inspect & Reverse Suite – Solid Edge Shining 3D, Verisurf Reverse Engineering & Verisurf Inspect. (RRP £19,536.11)

For more information on the bundles, please contact your account manager, email, or call us on +44 (0) 1159 380 380

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