HP Latex R2000 Printer

Unprecedented Quality and Colours on Rigid Up to 98 Inches, for Sustained Production Environments.


Achieve amazing colours on both rigid and flexible

  • Get vibrant HP Latex colour gamut on rigid while preserving media gloss and feel, and prints with no smell
  • One technology for the same look across rigid and flexible campaigns lets you say goodbye to print and mount
  • Durable and flexible water-based ink for high adhesion and scratch resistance with a new HP Latex Overcoat.

Expand your offering with the glossiest white

  • Glossiest white on transparent and coloured media with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time
  • No water between white jobs with removable HP Thermal InkJet printheads stored in offline rotating chamber.
  • Automatic maintenance makes white like any other colour, including automatic recirculation and nozzle checks.

Increase your productivity with smarter printing

  • Meet production peaks with high-speed quality up to 12.2 indoor/24.5 outdoor boars/hr, continuous loading.
  • Advanced engineering drives high productivity with automatic maintenance, smart vacuum, and assisted loading.
  • Maximize uptime with this smart printer for proactive and preventive services.

Outdoor Signage:

Create amazing signage with durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks that provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance, so you can assemble and cut without chipping, and laminate with ease.

Window Graphics

Set yourself apart from your competition with applications that provide the glossiest whites on transparent and coloured media with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time.

Events and Exhibitions:

Offer brand colour consistency across rigid and flexible using one printer. Durable, flexible HP Latex Inks deliver applications that don’t smell, ideal for indoor applications.

And you can assemble and cut without chipping.


Enter the highly profitable world of decoration.

Achieve the glossiest of whites, on new substrates like wood, aluminium, glass, ceramic, and acrylic while preserving the gloss and feel, and deliver prints with no smell.