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Manufacturers - Onyx; Product Type - RIP Software

Onyx Graphics Inc. was founded in 1989 in Salt Lake Cuty, Utah, United States, home of the "Greatest Snow on Earth". In the early days - when they weren't out on the slopes - the founders set out to help customers achieve colour printing on electrostatic printers for short run, large format printing. In Fact, the Onyx user group included so many market leaders and influencers that the group became the Digital Printing and Imaging Association (DPIA), which was eventually rolled into todays Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). Onyx continues to pursue the company vision of helping customers increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge with superior print and colour quantity. The Onyx product portfolio offers end-to-end solutions for print production workflow - from design to finishing. We invite you to browse the website to understand how their products will enhance your business.

Leading RIP solutions from Onyx that deliver true colour management and print workflow control. Suitable for a wide range of print applications and compatible with all large format printer manufacturers Onyx RIPs deliver solutions that you increase productivity, reduce costs and gain a competitive edge.

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£48.00 including VAT

Onyx RIPCenter - Software RIP
1 Rip - 1 Printers - 1 Job Editor -Printer Level 1

ONYX RIPCenter RIP software package provides the control and simplicity needed to help those getting started in large format print production to achieve consistent high quality output at an affordable price. Print shops will find it easyto manage a more efficient workflow with versatile tools to reduce error and improve automation to create greater overall confidence in their final output.

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£1,296.00 including VAT

Onyx PosterShop - Software RIP
1 Rip - 1 Printer - 1 JE - PL 1&2 - ICC Profiling

ONYX PosterShop is a wide format RIP software package that enables shops to unify their print production process on more than one deveice and provides the tools to mainain consistent output quality. Print service providers will be able toprepare jobs for print quickly and find it easy to automate repetitive tasks resulting in sellable prints faster.

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£2,304.00 including VAT