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Manufacturers - 3P; Product Type - Fine Art

3P is a pioneer in digital textile printing. 3P manufactures textiles which can be printed without any conversion of equipment or inks with exceptional results. 3P extends the limits of typical inkjet technology by offering users the widest range of printable textiles characterized by high quality that withstands the test of time.

ArtSystems provide a comprehensive range of fine art papers, canvases and portfolio materials to match your creativity. Simulating a large array of art techniques our carefully selected brands from Xativa, Hahnemuhle, Innova, JM Textiles, 3P Textiles, Verseidag, Canon and HP enable you to meet the demands of original artwork reproduction in a variety of finishes, materials and textures.


3P Gloss Varnish
5000ml bottle

Transparent Polymer Varnish with UV protects printed Portrait and Studio Canvas for at least eight months against damage caused by dirt. weather. UV-radiation and mechanical stress. These protective coatings can be applied with a roller.

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