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Manufacturers - Neschen; Product Type - Backlit

Neschen is a leading manufacturer of high quality wide format media, laminate and mounting films for the signage and digital print industry. There extensive portfolio provides print service providers, architects, photographers, interior decorators and design agencies with a range of innovative and unique media across a broad spectrum of print, laminate and ink technologies.

ArtSystems range of backlit media's carefully selected from leading manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Canon, Neschen, 3P Textiles, Verseidag and Xativa. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use our media portfolio is perfect for illuminated backlit displays used in high-footfall locations such as airports and shopping centers.


Neschen DYEtex Backlit Premium - 199in
5050mm x 50m - 280gsm

A 280gsm white woven polyester which is densely knitted giving smooth soft touch and satin surface scratch resistant and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. B1 certified for backlit applications exhibition banners and theatre decoration.

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