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Manufacturers - Hewlett Packard; Product Type - Large Format Printers

From is origins in a Palo Alto garage to its current position as one of the worlds leading technology companies, HP has grown and evolved significantly since its founding in 1939. HP primary focus is to create technologies that have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. With the broadest technology portfolio spanning printing, personal systems, software, services and IT infrastructure, HP delivers solutions for customers most complex challenges in every region of the world.

ArtSystems has a broad selection of large format printer for the CAD, GIS, Design, Textiles, Fine Art and Pay for Print applications. The portfolio has expanded to meet the changing demands of the market. Key manufacturers like Hewlett Packard, Canon and Summa now address an ever increasing range of applications using industry-leading print and ink technologies like HP latex and UV curable inks.


Hewlett Packard Designjet T830 eMFP Printer - 24in
26 sec/page on A1/D - 81 A1/D prints per hour

Enjoy a built-in scanner at an unbeatable price with the HP Designjet T830 Multifunction Printer. Half the size and built to last this robust MFP handles challenging sites. Plus you can use this MFP any place your Wi-Fi signal can reach.

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£2,400.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet Z9+ PS Printer - 44in

High-definition prints - fast and secure. More quality with fewer inks.

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£5,280.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet T1500 ePrinter - 36in

Delivering a new innovative user experience Designjet T1500 is an auto-switching dual roll ePrinter perfect for large departmental teams. Its built in hard drive and web connectivity gives users the ability to remotely access and print files from virtually anywhere using the internet phone or tablet device. Its unique front loading design and built in stacking device allows jobs to be collated flat ready for collection.

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£5,784.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet T1530 ePrinter - 36in

The HP Designjet T1530 blends performance and quality to produce the ultimate CAD and GIS printer. This highly efficient and powerful printer can cope with the most demanding of workloads thanks to its dual roll auto-switching roll feed high capacity 300ml ink cartridges and 96GB virtual memory all of which produces stunning quality 2400 x 1200 dpi prints allcollated in its integrated 50 sheet stacking tray.

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£4,920.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet Z3200PS GP Photo Printer - 44in

This 12-ink HP Designjet with new HP 73 chromatic red ink devliers long-lasting gallery-quality prints in black-and-white and colour. HP DreamColor technologies with embedded spectrophotometer enable easy calibration and profiling.

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£5,850.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet Z5600 PS Printer - 44in

Print vivid eye-catching graphics and technical documents with HP chromatic red ink. Multi-roll operation and flexible workflows enable express printing. HPs optimized 6-ink printing system helps reduce ink consumption up to 20 percent.

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£5,910.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Designjet Z6dr PS Printer with V-Trimmer - 44in

High-definition prints - fast and secure. More quality with fewer inks.

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£6,120.00 including VAT

Hewlett Packard Phoenix Designjet Z5400 PS Printer - 44in

The Designjet Z5400 multi-roll ePrinter efficiently produces high quality long lasting prints including posters photos canvases backlit prints lines drawings and much more. Combined with HP Instant Printing PRO you can quickly preview crop and printPDF Postscript TIFF JPEG and HP-GL/2 files.

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£6,240.00 including VAT