WEEE Regulations (2006)

We take seriously our responsibility to the environment placed on us by these regulations which govern the sale of electrical equipment in the UK and are in full compliance with them.

ArtSystems environmental responsibilities through WEEE regulations 2006

WEEE Regulations 2006

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations 2006

ArtSystems take seriously its responsibility to the environment incurred through the sale of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) into the UK marketplace.

As a business to business trade only distributor, ArtSystems sells through a reseller network to organisations who sell EEE onto businesses in the public and private sectors.

Where ArtSystems assumes producer responsibility for WEEE products imported in by us, our producer number WEE/CG0069TY applies. Wherever reasonable we will negotiate at the point of contract with channel partners to pass the obligation for the product at the end of life; otherwise we will work with our scheme operator to recover and process WEEE when requested. The scheme operator will subsequently provide evidence to the Environment Agency.

Historic WEEE

Historic WEEE refers to an obligation to recycle our competitors EEE which was put out to the UK market before August 2005, against new equipment which wee supply to a customer today.

Although not having producer responsibility for EEE on products purchased from suppliers within the UK; we will help both commercial end users and the manufacturer or supplier to meet their WEEE take-back program at the end of the product life.

ArtSystems producer registration number is WEEE/CG069TY