Our IMS sets out the core values upon which our management systems of ISO accreditations are based.

ArtSystems Environmental Policy

ArtSystems Environmental Policy Statement (ISO14001)

Art Systems Ltd – Policy Statement, Integrated Management System. (Quality, Environmental, Chain of Custody, Health & Safety, Compliance)

Art Systems Ltd operates from Nottingham, U.K., providing a personalised distribution and technical service to the digital print and associated markets. Recognising our responsibilities to our stake-holders and future generations, this policy:

• Is endorsed by top management as appropriate to the scope of the organisations’ strategic direction, within our operating context, and is subject to the principles and obligations of ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, FSC-STD-40-004-V3.0, PEFC ST 2002:2013, Health & Safety management; and legal & other compliance requirements.

• Provides a framework for meeting our primary objectives: o To protect the environment, and improve our environmental performance by minimizing pollution and waste by using natural resources efficiently, and applying other controls such as the waste hierarchy.

To determine the processes and procedures needed to meet the needs of stakeholders, to be sustainable and profitable, continually improve customer satisfaction; through the engagement of our employees and business partners.

To be committed to the identification of legal, quality, compliance, and environmental risk and obligations; and analysing, evaluating, setting objectives, validating and verifying the effectiveness of risk reducing activities.

As a consumer & distributor of forest products, we take all reasonable steps to have a neutral or positive effect upon the world’s forests.

Ensure sufficient and effective competent internal resources that are committed to meeting the business objectives.

The control of externally provided processes, products and services, to meet the business objectives.

To maintain safe, clean working environments for all persons either on our or partner sites, by the application of the principles in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, and other subsequent and expanded legal requirements.

To be the means for driving continual improvement of the Integrated Management System.

All reasonable efforts are made to ensure forest based product purchases & sales avoid materials from illegally harvested, genetically modified wood. Products from conflict areas are not considered for resale. We obtain FSC/PEFC certified products from credible, globally applicable forestry certification schemes whenever requested.

Overall responsibility for Art Systems Ltd Integrated Management System is with Steve Hawker (Managing Director)

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