ArtSystems ensures accurate recording and reporting of all batteries that it is responsible for introducing into the market.

ArtSystems commitment to the Batteries & Accumulator Regulations 2008

Batteries & Accumulator Regulations 2008

Batteries & Accumulator Regulations (2008)

The first part of the Batteries and Accumulators Regulations (placing on the market) came into force on the 26th September 2008. Any persons wishing to place new primary (single use) batteries and accumulators (i.e. rechargeable batteries) or battery-powered appliances in the UK market will need to comply with the regulations. ArtSystems recognises its responsibilities to meet these requirements.

There are a number of key areas within the regulations to note:-

  • Material prohibitions - restrictions on the use of mercury and cadmium in batteries within the overall scope of the legislation.
  • Labelling to aid recycling - requirements for the use of the crossed out wheeled bin symbol and markings to show where batteries contain acceptable levels of mercury, cadmium or lead.
  • Placing on the market - batteries that do not meet the requirements of the regulations should be prohibited from sale, or withdrawn from the market.
  • Removal of batteries - requirements that certain appliances are designed in such a way that waste batteries can be easily removed
  • The financing of the collection and recycling of batteries - certain requirements are placed upon producers including the requirement to join a battery compliance scheme for portable batteries.
  • The approval and registration of Battery Compliance Schemes (BCSs) - more exacting requirements placed upon BCSs than on Producer Compliance Scheme under the WEEE regulations.


The regulations apply to all types of batteries, and accumulators regardless of their shape, volume, weight, material composition or use, placed on the market on or after the 26th September 2008. They interact with and may change the impact of the end-of-life vehicle regulations 2003 and the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations 2008.


ArtSystems producer registration number is BPRN00624