ArtSystems is committed to continuous quality management that delivers ongoing resource efficiency and improved customer experience across all of our operations.

ArtSystems commitments to Batteries & Accumulator Regulations 2008ArtSystems commitments to the distribution of FSC & PEFC Certified MediaArtSystems Environmental PolicyArtSystems commitments to the reduction of hazardous wasteArtSystems environmental responsibilities through WEEE regulations 2006

ArtSystems quality and environmental management policy

Corporate Policy

ArtSystems are keenly aware of our responsibilities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and to ensure that our operations are effective and responsive to customer's needs. We have therefore set out a number of measurable goals to reduce our environmental impact and to improve our operations processes throughout our organisation.

As part of this corporate policy, we have implemented both a quality management system, which has led to us achieving both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations.

ArtSystems is unique in having ISO 14001 accreditation as well as ISO 9001 quality management certification across our entire business, and chain of custody certification for the distribution of FSC ® and PEFC ™ certified media. All of this makes us the UK's only wide format trade distributor to hold all three certifications.

ISO certifications

Our ISO 9001 certification covers all operational areas of the company so that sales accounts, logistics and technical operations are constantly reviewed and improvement goals set.

Having ISO 14001 certification send a clear message to all of our suppliers and customers that ArtSystems is a long-term partner to work with for sustained growth. It means that we now have a unique set of accreditations that enable our customers to benefit not just from our greater efficiency in logistics, but also more flexible sales and marketing resources such as our on-demand product labelling system. We also have a structured programme of waste recycling and energy management that is proactive and on-going.

The information on this page sets out just some of our environmental achievements to date and provides links to help you find out more.

ArtSystems Environmental PolicyIntegrated Management System Policy

Our IMS policy sets out the core values upon which our management system of ISO accreditations are based.

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WEEE Regulations 2006

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment regulations (2006)

We take seriously our responsibility to the environment placed on us by these regulations which govern the sale of electrical equipment in the UK and are in full compliance with them.

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Battery & Accumulator Regulations 2008

Batteries & Accumulator Regulations (2008)

ArtSystems ensures accurate recording and reporting of all batteries that is responsible for introducing into the market.

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FOGRA Certification

FOGRA is a certified standard to ensure consistent quality of print output for proofing applications. It reduces waste at all stages of the proof printing workflow, we provide a range of FOGRA certified media.

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FOGRA Certification

OEKO-Tex Standard 100 - Environmental Standard

The OEKO-Tex Standard 100 was introduced in the 1990s in response to the public's demand for safer textiles. It is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. A growing number of our products are in compliance with this standard particularly JM Textiles fabric media range.

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OEKO-Tex Standard 100 Certification

UK Hazardous Waste LegislationSupplier Code of Conduct

Art Systems Limited and The Westcoast Group are committed to ensuring everything we do is ethical and lawful, and that we work in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. It is important to us that our suppliers feel the same way.

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ArtSystems Human Rightsl PolicyModern Slavery Act 2015 - Our Policy

Art Systems Limited is fully committed to all Corporate Social Responsibilities from both a legal and ethical basis, which includes a zero-tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking; even though we currently do not meet the legal threshold requiring a published statement, we believe in striving to create the highest confidence in our business from our stakeholders. 

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